Christie and Lincoln; The Dems and the Mets

Click here for the full recap of Christie's address yesterday at the Union League, where he won the Lincoln Award and received an Abe Lincoln statuette. (Some commenters yesterday were miffed at my too-short, out-of-context blog post immediately after the event, and the full story didn't run in the Philly editions of the Inky.)

It was quite the partisan speech, with Christie taking shots at Democratic legislators, President Obama and state workers too "stupid" to pick the right health care plan.

Christian Johnson of Cherry Hill as President Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address at the Union League in Philadelphia, where N.J. Gov. Christie received an award. Story, B6.

One thing that didn't make it in the paper was a reference to the gov's favorite team, the New York Mets. Christie and I are both Mets fans - yeah, yeah, yeah, sucks for us - so it seems only appropriate that from here on out I will report every self-deprecating reference Christie makes about the Mets until the team is officially out of playoff contention, which will hopefully be after the All-Star break.

Yesterday, the gov brought up the Mets in a standard Christie go-to laugh line about what happened last year when the Democrats threatened to shut down the government during a budget fight. Christie said he told the Dems:

"If you close down the government, I'm gonna get in those black SUVs, I'm gonna drive to the governor's residence, I'm gonna go upstairs, I'm gonna open a beer, order a pizza and watch the Mets. Now, people from Philadelphia will understand this uniquely, I said this not only because I'm a Mets fan - but because I wanted them to know I was willing to suffer also. Watching the Mets is like suffering in real time."