Christie vs. Bolaris vs. Teachers

Gov. Christie lumped meteorologists and teachers together last week, and guess who's angry? Meteorologists. Or at least one meteorologist.

During an appearance at the Union League last week, the gov said: "I'm picking on public sector unions because they have lived in an unreal world with runaway salaries, runaway benefits and worse yet, no accountability. There's only two professions left in America where there is no reward for excellence and no consequences for failure, (and) weathermen don't work for me. But teachers do."

Philadelphia's Fox 29 weatherman, John Bolaris, who once infamously predicted a "storm of the century" that never materialized (resulting in death threats that sent him packing to a New York station), responded to Gov. Christie on the air the other day:

"I've got a little beef here. Gov. Christe, Gov. Christie! I like Gov. Christie, I do....Believe me, if we fail enough, we're out of a job. Out of a job. Out of a job, governor!"

Bolaris added that he doesn't have tenure. But it should be noted - Bolaris eventually got rehired in Philadelphia.