Christie 'sings' against war on drugs

Gov. Christie's statements against the war on drugs have been given the auto-tune treatment from the Gregory Brothers (of Antoine Dodson fame).

The video, now circulating the interweb to mark the stoner holiday of April 20, is a mash-up of politicians -- libertarian U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Republican Christie -- making statements against the war on drugs. Christie's back-up "singers" are famed New Jersey potheads Jay and Silent Bob, who are superimposed next to Christie as he speaks. 

OK it's hard to explain. You'll have to watch the video.

The partial quote the Gregory Brothers pull from Christie is from these remarks last July in a speech at the Brookings Institution: "The war on drugs, while well-intentioned, has been a failure. We're warehousing addicted people everyday in state prisons in New Jersey, giving them no treatment, sending them back out on the street after their term of incarceration and wondering why recidivism rates and go up, and why they don't get better, why they commit crimes again," he said. "They commit crimes to support their addiction."

To that end, Christie and the Democratic-controlled Legislature started a pilot program in three counties allowing mandatory drug treatment for first-time, nonviolent drug offenders.

Christie, who says he has never smoked weed, is a former federal prosecutor who has also served on the board of a drug treatment facility in North Jersey. See the video below. 

WARNING: The music is pretty horrible on the ears.

DISCLAIMER: The guy in the video with the glasses and tie is not me.