Christie predicts 'mean and angry' Obama

Gov. Christie rides the Romney campaign bus
Gov. Christie listens as Gov. Romney speaks on the Romney campaign bus rolling through Ohio on Oct. 9. (

The man who predicted Mitt Romney would wipe the floor with President Obama in the first debate is back with another prediction.

A fired-up Chris Christie returned to the presidential campaign trail this week in a high-profile, high-octane way, stumping for two days in swingy Ohio where he made fun of Obama's debate performance and predicted that Obama will return "mean and angry."

“I think the president’s going to need at least two or three Red Bulls before the next one, just to make sure he’s awake,” Christie said. “And then from there, he’s going to come out and he’s going to be mean. You know, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that...So I think you’re going to see a mean and angry president in the next two debates."

Christie’s Ohio events this week were his first appearances with Romney on the trail since the August convention.  He hosted a town hall-style meeting in which Romney fielded questions while Christie sat on a stool and occasionally amplified the candidate’s points. And on conservative talk radio, Christie defended Romney's pro-life views.

Christie repeatedly focused on a statement made in a video that aired at the Democratic convention: “Government is the only thing we all belong to.”

“We don’t belong to the government,” Christie said. “The government belongs to us.”

Christie drew laughs by repeatedly making fun of Democrats, saying he watched the Democratic convention "as a sacrifice and a service to our nation. Made sure my son Patrick brought me a big bottle of water, made sure I stayed hydrated. I wanted to stay conscious, I wanted to hear all of it."

Christie is scheduled to be back in New Jersey on Thursday for a 3 p.m. town hall meeting at the Mount Laurel YMCA. And that's important for him -- because we learned this week that it looks like he will be running for re-election next year