Christie never smoked weed & doesn't want you to, either

Containers of medicinal marijuana are seen on display at the Alternative Herbal Health Services cannabis dispensary in San Francisco. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

With the state Assembly's recent passage of a bill decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana, Gov. Christie was asked yesterday on Twitter by a Willie Nelson-inspired pro-pot political party if he ever smoked reefer. 

He tweeted his response: The answer is no.

And no means no for you too, potheads. Christie said last week that he would veto the Assembly's pot legalization bill if it comes to his desk (which now appears unlikely, since the Senate is not planning on voting on the bill soon). 

Regardless, Jersey-born Jon Stewart -- a stoner's stoner who appeared in the classic ode to bong hits, "Half-Baked" -- questioned Christie's rationale last night on "The Daily Show": "What's the deal with vetoing this Chris Christie? I thought you were cool, man!"

In a hilarious breakdown of Christie's rationale -- that a state law shouldn't be passed if it violates federal law -- Stewart used outtakes from Christie's comments about another issue, sports gambling. In that instance, Christie said he wants to challenge federal law with a New Jersey law legalizing sports gambling.

"I have an idea: Let's replace the phrase 'betting on NFL games' with the phrase, 'getting high.' Different how?" Stewart asked.

"Why don't you just think of using marijuana as betting you're going to have a better day?"