Dems falling over each other to back Christie

New .Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and President Barack Obama walk over to a gallery to meet visitors at McGuire Air Force Base,, N.J. Tuesday, May 28, 2013. The President and Governor left for an appearance at Asbury Park, one of the many Jersey shore communities devastated by Super Storm Sandy. (AP Photo/Rich Schultz)

Gov. Christie's campaign strategy is clear: Rack up as many Democratic endorsements as possible to bolster "bipartisan" credentials and beat the pants off Democratic opponent state Sen. Barbara Buono (D., Middlesex).

Now that the primary season is over, that strategy was employed full throttle this week. Yesterday, Christie got an endorsement from a Democratic state senator, Brian Stack, who called Christie "the greatest governor the state has ever had." (See video, below.)

Christie said: "I make no apologies for working with Democrats, and he makes no apologies for endorsing a Republican."

And today, Christie scored an even more significant coup with an endorsement from Joseph "Joe D." DiVincenzo -- the county executive of Essex County who is also known as the Democratic "boss" of North Jersey.

Also endorsing Christie today were the mayors of a litany of New Jersey towns. In all, 26 elected New Jersey Democrats have so far endorsed the Republican gov, including Burlington City Mayor Jim Fazzone and Chesilhurst Mayor Michael Blunt.

Here's what David Turner, a spokesman for Buono, had to say about all of this: "With more than 400,000 people still looking for work and property taxes up 20 percent, New Jersey cannot afford another four years of Gov. Christie's terrible economic economic policies that favor the wealthy over working and middle class families. On Election Day, New Jerseyans will support Senator Buono's vision for a New Jersey where everyone can receive a quality education and find a good paying job."

Christie's week began with a news conference in Trenton yesterday alongside George E. Norcross III -- the owner of the company that owns and the state's preeminent Democratic leader. Norcross didn't offer an endorsement, but the optics conveyed a Republican who clearly has, in the least, a working relationship with Democrats even during a re-election year.

And how will this week end? Think of Democrats' favorite person, ever. That's right: Christie and none other than Bill Clinton will hang out Friday afternoon at the Clinton Global Initiative conference. They will appear as the only two panelists for a talk entitled: "Cooperation and Collaboration: A Conversation on Leadership."