Christie isn't VP pick (yet)

Well it looks like this week will close with America (or at least America's political class) on edge about whom GOP nominee Mitt Romney will pick to be his No. 2. The decision could come tomorrow, although next week looks more likely. 

This week brought the most frenzied speculation to date that Romney will go with Chris Christie -- who is described as the "bold" pick even though there are lingering concerns that he is "uncontrollable" and will "overshadow" the top of the ticket. Other names: 

The Christie For Veep boosters seem to be growing by the moment. This morning, MSNBC's "Morning Joe" -- where the hosts have long adored the gov -- beat the drum. As did Michael Gerson of The Washington Post, who wrote today

"...the trend of the last few weeks favors Chris Christie. The 2012 election has already proved to be a vicious, negative slugfest. In the last few weeks, Romney has been accused of committing a felony, avoiding taxes for a decade and contributing to the death of a woman with cancer. The squeals of various fact-checking outfits go ignored in Chicago. Romney, his family and staff are likely to feel offended and aggrieved. The question they are probably asking themselves is not: Who is the best vice presidential pick? Rather, it is: Who is the best wartime vice presidential pick?...Christie would clearly play it best. He is the only one who seems to relish this sort of political conflict. And he has good reason to relish it. He is a natural, a prodigy, at the art of confrontation."

But what made me raise my eyebrows the most was a poll this morning that indicated Christie is the most popular and best-known of the potential vice presidential candidates. He is the only one with "the profile to alter the race immediately."

Down by 7 points in that same poll, Romney may feel compelled to alter the race immediately.