'Bully' Christie sees drop in poll

SIGNE WILKINSON/Philadelphia Daily News - 4/15/11

Just the other day, Gov. Christie sought to demonstrate the popularity of his policies by saying his approval ratings were higher than his margin of victory when he won the governor's seat in 2009.

He can no longer make that boast.

Gov. Christie's 47 percent approval rating in the latest Quinnipiac University poll is a drop from February, when he stood at 52 percent. (He beat former Gov. Corzine in the 2009 with 48.5 percent of the vote.)

The poll also found:

  • A growing gender gap, with his approval rating at 56 percent among men and 38 percent among women. (This poll, interestingly enough, was held during batgate.)
  • New Jersey voters would go 52-39 in favor of President Obama in that hypothetically awesome 2012 match-up. (Although most voters don't believe Christie's running, and don't believe his claim that he'd win if he ran).
  • Just 38 percent both like Christie as a person and like most of his policies.
  • In some good news for the gov, the Democratic-controlled Legislature saw its lowest approval ratings ever, with 53 percent disapproving of the job the Assembly is doing and 55 percent disapproving of the State Senate's work.

And finally, these are the Top 5 words voters ascribed to Christie: BULLY, ARROGANT, GOOD, AGGRESSIVE, STRONG.

Did they miss any words?!?