Christie hammers Buono for pay raise -- again

Gov. Christie (left) and Barbara Buono (right). (AP/Staff Photos)

Ignoring the views of the state's opinion writers who say that focusing on a 13-year-old pay raise vote is "a small-bore issue more fitting a race for freeholder" and a "lightweight political distraction," the gov is hammering away at opponent Barbara Buono on this pay raise vote in a new TV ad out this morning.

The ad focuses on a 2000 vote cast by Buono -- now a state senator, then a state assemblywoman -- on a Republican bill to raise the pay of the governor, cabinet members, judges and yes, legislators. The bill was signed into law by Republican Gov. Christie Todd Whitman. Buono's salary went from $35,000 to $49,000, where it remains today. 

The negative ad also delves into Buono's 154 votes for tax and fee hikes, which I gave some context to here and here.

Unfortunately for Buono, she apparently doesn't have the money to respond to Christie. The gov has a 10-to-1 cash advantage, which he's using to mix positive ads with attack ads. Here's today's: