Christie exhausts Christie Chronicler

I'm too exhausted from chasing the gov up and down the Jersey Turnpike, so I'm outta here until March 28. Christie Chronicles will go dark, but click HERE to follow the latest news from the Statehouse and the governor's office from my colleague-extraordinare, Maya Rao.

In the mean time, let's wrap-up some Christie news from the last week:

  • In keeping with my commitment to report every self-deprecating comment that the gov makes about our New York Mets, Christie was asked by a student at Ann Street School Thursday what job he wanted when he was a kid. He said he wanted to be a catcher for the Mets. "My dream has been crushed!" he said. "Although the Mets are so bad this year they might be able to get me to play."
  • The big national Christie story this week is how Christie fired the husband of one of the women on the "Real Housewives of New Jersey." Christie hates the show, blaming it and the "Jersey Shore" for being a scourge on the state's reputation. Christie got some indirect revenge this week by suspending Albert Manzo, the husband of Caroline Manzo, from his job with the North Jersey District Water Supply. On the show, Manzo lives in Franklin Lakes, but in his paperwork to serve on the board he said he lived at a restaurant he owned in Paterson. Christie cited Manzo as an example of why he needs veto power of all multijurisdictional authorities, as I reported here, and he's currently drafting a bill to that effect.
  • Taking a cue from Christie's adept use of YouTube, two videos created this week criticize the governor on two specific issues. In one, activist Jay Lassiter gives emotional testimony taking the governor to task for the delay in the implementation of medicinal marijuana regulations. Click here for that. And another blasts the governor for mischaracterizing the Highlands Act, which protects the water supply in the north of the state. Click here to view that one.
  • And finally, because you were dying to know, see above for Christie's picks for March Madness. He's got Duke repeating as national champs. If anyone is reading presidential tea leaves, please note: Duke is in a swing state!