Christie calls unions 'political thugs' on ABC

Gov. Christie will call the teachers' union "political thugs" in an interview to air tonight with Diane Sawyer on ABC News and Nightline. While that's not unusual language for this gov, the nature of the national interview prompted the state's largest teachers' union, the New Jersey Education Association, to fire off a statement almost immediately after ABC put the clip online:

"Governor Christie's name-calling is a tired attempt to draw attention away from the fact that he chose to cut taxes for millionaires, rather than fund the state's public schools," said NJEA President Barbara Keshishian. (The union is also out with a fresh new ad, blasting Christie -- check it out here.)

Christie says the teachers' union refused a necessary pay cut last year, resulting in layoffs. The NJEA rebuts that, saying the pay cut would not have saved the jobs of 10,000 laid off teachers and school staff.

Christie also opines about whether his "really good friend," Donald Trump, is actually interested in running for president, and he says that if the federal government shuts down, as is threatened, it will be a "a failure of everybody, everybody, including the president."

Oh! And he's still not running for president. See the Diane & Chris show, below: