Christie backs 'bigot' and 'right-wing zealot,' Dems charge

Gov. Christie is on the road, continuing an on-again, off-again fall tour to lend his national name and fundraising prowess to senatorial and gubernatorial candidates in several states.

And Democrats see an opening to pin Christie as a friend of the far right in a dogged pursuit of the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

Today, the gov is in Iowa fundraising for senatorial candidate U.S. Rep. Steve King -- described by Christie nemesis and Democratic New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg as "a bigot through and through."

Christie is getting some serious blowback from his continued support of King. Christie is nothing if not loyal: King jumped to Christie's defense in 2009 when the then-candidate for New Jersey governor was called to a hearing on Capitol Hill about a contract he had awarded as U.S. Attorney. 

But King is nothing if not controversial, as the video below from a Democratic Super PAC indicates.

King has questioned whether President Obama favors black people and was born in the United States (and whether Secretary of State Clinton's aide is part of the Muslim Brotherhood). King has called for an electrified border fence ("we do that with livestock all the time," he said). And King has incorrectly said it is legal in the United States for sexual predators to impregnate girls and force them to get abortions (while also saying, later, that he's never heard of a child getting pregnant from incest or statutory rape). 

Our new Washington bureau chief, Jonathan Tamari, sat in on a conference call yesterday with Lautenberg and John Wisniewski, New Jersey Democratic party chairman, who said Christie "ought to think that he 's a representative of all of us and not just a man in pursuit of a 2016 presidential run."

Added Assemblyman Lou Greenwald (D., Camden) in a statement: "The fact that Chris Christie is standing shoulder to shoulder with a radical right-wing zealot like Steve King shows that Christie has his eye more on Iowa's 2016 caucuses than on responsible leadership and governing."

Christie -- who has never said anything along the lines of King's comments -- has often argued that just because he campaigns for a Republican, it doesn't mean he agrees with everything that Republican says or does. 

"I make decisions based on, in the main, do we generally agree on our plans for the country's future?" he said last week. "And I do generally agree with Congressman Steve King on those issues, so I'll be campaigning for him."