Christie as national conservative & New Jersey moderate

Republican Gov. Christie and Democratic Camden Mayor Dana L. Redd listen to a reporter's question at a Camden press conference earlier this June. (TOM GRALISH/Staff photographer)

My story yesterday on the InPolitics page of The Inquirer dealt with how Gov. Christie has staked out positions that appeal to national conservatives and yet provide him cover with the moderates in New Jersey who swing elections.

One reader, Joe, wrote: "Actually I think you missed a third path, which Christie is actually trying to use his national attention to shift the political debate in GOP to fiscal conservatism as the core plank and less focus/ litmus tests on culture wars (which is certainly a loser issue in NJ and frankly he doesn't seem to relish personally even if he is right of center)."

Here's the story:

Chris Christie is two politicians.

When Christie the possible presidential candidate eliminated funding for Planned Parenthood, Christie the incumbent governor explained that it was a fiscal decision unrelated to his pro-life beliefs.

When Christie the possible presidential candidate pulled New Jersey out of a cap-and-trade treaty, Christie the incumbent governor said it was a fiscal decision and acknowledged, for the first time, that human beings are at least partially responsible for global warming.

And when Christie the possible presidential candidate yanked the plug on the state's publicly funded TV and radio network, Christie the incumbent governor said, of course, that it was a fiscal decision - and that the replacement network would provide even better programming for New Jerseyans.

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