Governor's ally makes Christie fat joke in front of Obama

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels -- a possible Republican presidential candidate whom Gov. Christie has praised more widely than anyone else in the GOP field -- delivered a one-liner at Christie's expense Saturday night in DC.

The joke came at an insider-y event called the Gridiron Club dinner, a white-tie affair that is a vestige of Washington past, with politicians and journalists performing skits and making jokes about one another.

According to the Washington Post, Daniels, the main Republican speaker, explained why his arm was in a sling:

"Rotator cuff surgery was really a cover story. The truth is I broke a rib traveling to last month's governors' conference. I drew a middle seat between [Mississsippi Gov.] Haley Barbour and Chris Christie... I couldn't get up to go to the bathroom. Their tummies were stuck in the full upright and locked position."

Oh, snap!

Obama was in the audience. No word on how loud his laughter was.