Christie, a Catholic, says gays are not sinners

Gov. Christie told CNN's Piers Morgan tonight that even though his Catholic religion sees homosexuality differently, "for me, personally, I don't look at someone who is homosexual as a sinner." The Republican governor and highly-coveted GOP contender for president added he thinks people are born gay. He opposes gay marriage, and favors civil unions.

Also on the show, his son, Andrew, 17 -- the one whose game Christie arrived at in a helicopter -- said he wasn't bothered by the chopper. "I was really just happy that he was coming to the game...Maybe it was a good intimidation tactic."

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Apparently, according to Christie's daughter, the gov blasts Usher in the car. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

And yet beyond that, despite the CNN name and the prime-time slot and the full hour availed to British interviewer Piers Morgan, very little new or insightful surfaced about the governor. Obviously, we here at Christie Chronicles know the governor better than most outside of New Jersey, but Piers! C'mon! This was more chit-chat than interview.

The interview dealt almost entirely with the political style and public perception of the governor, and very little with his policy positions or his political challenges in New Jersey. There were, however, some questions about Libya -- which you can get to by making a right off Exit 10 of the Turnpike and getting in a submarine for several weeks.

The first half of the interview was set at Livingston High School, where Christie was a catcher on the baseball team and president of his sophomore, junior and senior classes. The setting was favorable to the governor, in that he is accused of being against public education.

But even more favorable to the governor was the way Piers prefaced his questions.

Piers described himself "as someone who has admired you from afar." 

At one point, Piers seemed to be trying to convince Christie to run for president. "Is America going to need someone, like you, who is tough?"

"You're very polite, you're very friendly," Piers told him.

Piers even asked Andrew Christie if he wanted his Dad to be president so he could invite "chicks" to the White House. Andrew (gotta love the honesty) said yes, he had thought about that, but no, now is not the time to run for president: "It would definitely be cool, as I've said, but probably not right now. Maybe in a few years though."

His sister, Sarah, (I think she's 15), said that she doesn't want Dad to run for president. But she does want him to lose weight: "I think he'd be happier. It'd be one less thing people can say about him."

Both kids seemed genuine in their affection for the gov. "He reminds us all the time how your family is going to be your best friend," Sarah said.

Also, Sarah revealed this: The gov blasts Usher in the car. Really??

Other tidbits:

-On Obama: "I think he's a good leader, sure."

-Piers said "even your accent seems intimidating." Christie said: "Good."

-Even though Piers asked the gov if he's running for president in a million different ways, Christie said he is "100 percent" sure he is NOT going to run. There's no one in the field that he's ready to support yet. Piers also used made the obligatory "Born To Run" Bruce Springsteen reference, even though Christie favors "Thunder Road."

-Christie would not pull out of Afghanistan, but questioned the United States' continued involvement there. "I wouldn't do it now but I would be guided by what our military advisers told us to do...I'm not a nation-building kind of guy."

-He feels a "sense of guilt" about his weight because of his kids.

I'll post the video when it becomes available.