Christie, Harvard and the controversy of education reform

I flew in and out of Boston yesterday to check out Gov. Christie at Harvard University, where he spoke to graduate students and got a far warmer welcome than I would have anticipated. Responding to my article today, some readers said he was welcomed at Harvard because the mindset of those in the audience was predisposed against public education. One emailer said the grad students just want to found charter schools.

Others said Christie's education proposals discount the fact that family -- parents -- make a huge difference in a child's education.

Gov. Christie talks to Harvard's graduate education school.

And one reader made these three points:

  • New Jerseyans may be taxed too much already to pay for education -- but they're also among the richest Americans.
  • Schools are the main reason why most people move to New Jesey in the first place.
  • Teachers are skeptical of his plans to pay them more if they perform well in the classroom because he's already cut their benefits.

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