Christie leading presidential poll, not inviting me to dinner

Gov. Christie at the Blue Barn recreation center in Evesham on Wednesday. (David Swanson / Staff Photographer)

With Gov. Christie leading a new Zogby presidential poll of GOP voters, I asked the gov yesterday why he's meeting with Iowa fundraisers May 31 at the governor's mansion in Princeton if he's not, as he keeps saying, running for president.

"You're saying if I'm not running for president I shouldn't have dinner with them?" Christie asked. "Ya know, I gotta eat. Why not eat with them?"

One of the Iowans is expected to tell Christie that he has a "call to duty" to run, according to Real Clear Politics. Christie said he'll listen, but he's not running. And he's not enough of a "self-important ass" to be tired of questions about whether he's running for president.

"It's great for New Jersey for people to think that what we're doing here is so good that they'd like us to export it to the rest of the state, so that's a real positive for our state," he said.

"Let me just remind you, a few years ago nobody from Iowa was coming to New Jersey to beg Jon Corzine to run for president of the United States, okay? So this is about New Jersey, it's not about me, because I'm not running."

And that's when I asked if I could come to dinner. His response brought a wave of laughter from the Virtua Hospital staffers assembled at the press conference in Voorhees.

"You're not from Iowa, you cannot come, and the only non-Iowans there will be real friends of mine, not people I spend a lot of time with, like you."