Caption Contest! Barack, Chris and laughter

I was struck by this Associated Press image from President Obama's trip to New Jersey on Sunday. What in the world are these two guys talking about? What do you say to the leader of the free world when you have a few moments alone with him -- especially if rumors abound that you want his job?

And what did Chris say to Barack that made them both laugh so hard?

Obama with Christie

Gov. Christie escorted the president on a three-hour trip in and above North Jersey on Sunday. They surveyed flooding from Hurricane Irene the week before, and met with affected residents and local politicians.

Although the Republican gov has called the Democratic prez out for his lack of "leadership" on fiscal issues, Christie had only praise for the president's response to the damage inflicted by Hurricane Irene. Christie even openly split with some Republicans who suggested that federal disaster aid be tied to budget cuts.

Is that what they're talking about? Or did Obama make a Michele Bachmann joke? Maybe Christie made fun of Vice President Biden? Give me your best guess in the comments, and I'll ask Christie about this at his 4 pm press conference later today.