Bath salts & salty language now illegal

Gov. Chris Christie is seen through the historic glass panes of Paulsdale, the Mount Laurel birthplace of Quaker suffragist Alice Paul, as he speaks Aug. 15 inside a crowded room after signing a bill. (TOM GRALISH/Staff Photographer )

The governor is in Chicago today for a Republican Governors Association event -- and he's been on a staycation at the gubernatorial beach house down the shore for the rest of the week -- but before he split town he signed several laws and vetoed two others. Below are three bills he signed; check out the rest of the legislation here.

  • Bath salts are now illegal. These designer drugs (which are known as "bath salts" but are really just a concoction of dangerous chemicals that produce a stimulating, psychotic high) had been available for purchase online and in gas stations, convenience stores and head shops.
  • Those arrested -- but not convicted -- of certain violent crimes will now have to submit to a DNA sample. The state's DNA database will grow larger, increasing the odds of solving crimes, the bill's sponsors say. Those crimes for which arrestees will have to submit DNA samples are: murder, manslaughter, second-degree aggravated assault, kidnapping, luring or enticing a child, engaging in sexual conduct with a child and sexual assault.
  • State statutes containing offensive language toward women are now repealed. Here's two:

If a wife after being ravished, consent to the ravisher, she shall be disabled and forever barred from having her jointure or dower, unless her husband is voluntarily reconciled to her and permits her to dwell with him, in which case she shall be restored to her jointure or dower. [In other words, if a wife cheats on a husband, she loses her property rights unless the husband forgives her.]

If a person is arrested upon a criminal charge, involving an accusation of bastardy, rape, fornication or of having had carnal knowledge of an unmarried female, and the accused person consents to marry such female, any licensing officer is authorized to immediately issue a marriage license. [In other words, if a man rapes a woman and agrees to marry her, the new couple is exempted from the 72-hour waiting period for a marriage license.]