Back on the trail: Christie to stump for Romney

For the first time since the lead-up to the New Hampshire primary more than two months ago, Mitt Romney's most prominent gubernatorial supporter is headed back to the presidential campaign trail. Gov. Christie is scheduled to headline a Romney event tomorrow in Illinois, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Illinois has its GOP primary next week.

Christie's October endorsement of Romney was seen as significant and possibly game-changing, but Christie has not stumped as often as some expected. Most of his campaigning for Romney has been done away from the campaign trail -- touting the former Massachusetts governor in national TV interviews, Statehouse press conferences and conference calls with supporters. There's likely some behind-the-scene fundraising, too.

But Christie hasn't revved up a crowd in person since headlining a Romney rally in New Hampshire in early January, winning over new fans in that crucial presidential primary state but also triggering a brief controversy over his reaction to a couple of female hecklers.

A scheduled appearance for Romney in Cleveland two weeks ago was cancelled due to weather.