And then he picked a fight with Vegas

The iconic "Welomce to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. (JAE C. HONG / Associated Press)

Know for his fight-picking, Gov. Christie chose a far bigger target yesterday in an effort to boost Atlantic City, the ailing gaming resort: "There is no reason people should go to Las Vegas in the summer. Why would you go to the middle of the desert in the summer? You'd have to be stupid to do that."

That got Las Vegas - or at least its media - all riled up. Two local TV stations went to the Vegas strip in search of people to trash Christie and Atlantic City. The local paper did a story, too.

"Give me a stupid shirt!" declared Iowa tourist Jetaun Aidoo, who walked in hot the Las Vegas sun from one end of the strip to another yesterday.

A British tourist said he had never heard of Atlantic City. A guy who may have had several free rum-and-cokes at the baccarat table called AC a "run-down Las Vegas, like an old-school movie from the 80s, VHS-style."

The reporter for Fox 5 Vegas suggested that the cast of the "Jersey Shore" likes Vegas better, because they regularly appear at the casinos, and that maybe Christie had been hanging out with Snooki recently because he looked tan.

Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, who spoke standing next to shapely, silent and smiley Vegas showgirls in sparkly bikinis (the Las Vegas constitution mandates mayors always appear in public with showgirls by their side), declared: "Who would you rather be with, my showgirls or Snooki?"

Goodman's wife, Carolyn, who is now mayor (you can't make this place up), said she only visits New Jersey "when the weather is good and there's no earthquakes, and no rain, and no hurricanes."