A summertime pause

Gov. Christie at a town hall meeting in East Hanover. (AP/Mel Evans)

I'll be taking a respite from Trenton for a couple of weeks, but I leave with you two things to fill your Christie void.

First, run out to your favorite bookseller and get yourself a copy of Chris Christie: The Inside Story of His Rise To Power by my fellow Statehouse scribes Bob Ingle and Michael Symons. The new book is a chronological journey from Christie's childhood through his current political career, with insights about his ancestry, upbringing, prosecutorial successes and political missteps. There are some interesting tidbits, like about how Christie's mom was a member of the New Jersey Education Association, which would later become this governor's top political nemesis. 

Second, indulge yourself in this round-up of the YouTube governor's YouTube fame, with this YouTube greatest hits compilation, put together by the governor's own YouTube gurus: