The Christie Chronicles

Pointing to bombings, Christie targets 'radical Islamic terrorism'

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Gov. Christie on Monday pointed to bombings over the weekend in New York and New Jersey to argue for a conversation on “radical Islamic... Read more

Christie soldiers on for Trump, as NH paper rejects GOP choice as 'liar, buffoon'

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A day after Gov. Christie urged Republicans in New Hampshire to support Donald Trump, the newspaper editorial board that backed Christie’s... Read more

Back in N.H., Christie pushes Republicans to support Trump

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Back in the state that ended his presidential campaign, Gov. Christie told Republicans in New Hampshire on Wednesday that they needed to rally... Read more

Christie keeps focus on Clinton in Fox interview

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Gov. Christie reprised his role as campaign attack dog Monday night – using a nationally televised interview not so much as a platform... Read more

Christie doubles down on Trump's African-American outreach

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Gov. Christie defended Donald Trump’s recent outreach to black voters and shifting comments on immigration in a television interview... Read more

Christie, filling in on sports radio, says NBA 'grandstanding' on bathroom law

During his four hours co-hosting a New York sports radio show Friday, Gov. Christie weighed in on the NBA’s decision to move its All-Star... Read more

Between DNC parties, talk of a thorny state issue

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Amid the presidential politics of the Democratic National Convention, New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney weighed in on a thorny state... Read more

For N.J. standup comedian/politician, Trump is no joke

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Donning a Make America Great Again hat during a stand-up comedy routine does not a Trump endorser make. Not out of New Jersey Assembly Minority... Read more