Anti-gay teacher's remarks 'disturbing,' gov says

I wrote a story today about the governor's ad hominem attacks on a judge who ruled that Christie's pension reform plan didn't apply to judges. That's here. And I wrote about how a guy named NJ Weedman sends reefer to the governor almost every month. That story, here.

And yet another piece of gubernatorial news today is gaining more national attention -- which tells us a little something about media and politics in 2011.

Meet Viki Knox. She's a Union Township teacher who posted anti-gay comments on her Facebook page, including: “Homosexuality is a perverted spirit...I know sin and it breeds like cancer!...Why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us? YOU ARE WRONG.”

Asked about the controversy during a phone interview on 770 WABC radio this morning, Christie called the posts "disturbing." He said: "I think that kind of example is not a positive one at all to be setting for folks who have such an important and influential position in our society."

Christie didn't say Knox should be fired, but he parlayed the answer into a plug for his plan to fire bad teachers based, in part, on teacher evaluations.

The resulting headlines on Fox News ("Christie teacher under investigation for opposing homosexuality") and the gay magazine Instinct ("Christie calls anti-LGBT teacher's remarks 'disturbing'") could not have been more different.

But New York Magazine might have had the most interesting take, saying Christie would have never won the Republican nomination for president, because he is "not sufficiently afraid of gays."