Double-dippin': It's not just a Philly thing

State Sen. Loretta Weinberg

And the Philadelphia City Council thought it had cornered the market on collecting pension payments while still collecting a salary.

A major North Jersey Democratic power broker who has been a key ally for Gov. Christie found himself on the proverbial hot seat last week when two news agencies, the Star-Ledger and, reported that he was collecting a salary for his job as Essex County Executive even though he had technically "retired" and began collecting a pension. The maneuver added a $68,862 annual pension to his $153,207 salary.

Joe DiVincenzo says he's not doing anything wrong or illegal. The gov, however, disagrees, and said at a press conference Monday that he told Joe D. as much.

"I think it's wrong," Christie said. He wants the Democrats to pass his proposed bill to close the loophole.

"All the other public officials who are doing it should stand up today and admit it."

Even before he said that, in a post Monday on Blue Jersey, a liberal blog, Democratic State Sen. Loretta Weinberg (and former Corzine running-mate) has already come out and said she, too, collects a pension and a salary. Read her explanation here.

"I don't understand how you can retire from a job and stay in a job. Only in New Jersey," Christie said.

Actually, Gov, it happens in Philly, too. New Jersey thinks it reinvented the wheel when it comes to making money off public service, but, governor, check out the wild world of Philly's pension-deferral system known as DROP.