Ignore the Ides of March?

Well, it's the Ides Of March, March 15, the date Gov. Christie had warned about.

In the Christie camp's new video played before all town hall meetings -- including the one I'm at now in Woodbridge, up in central Jersey -- Christie says he's waiting for the "Ides Of March" for the Democrats in the Legislature to approve his plans for pension and benefits reform.

Christie said today that he's met with State Senate  President Stephen Sweeney, who also wants reform (although their plans differ). But he's still pressing the Legislature to make dealing with these issues their top priority.

"It's the Ides of March and I'm waiting, I'm waiting for something substantively to be done by the Legislature," Christie said.

Of note: There are several hundred people at this town hall meeting -- but a few empty seats, which is unusual. And spotted in the crowd? Former Gov. McGreevey's father, Jack, who's from Woodbridge.