The Christie star rises some more

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Cartoon in today's Philadelphia Inquirer, by Pulitzer-winning cartoonist Tony Auth.

In what appears to be the longest profile of Gov. Christie in a major national publication, the New York Times Magazine is putting the gov on its cover Sunday, with a story headlined: "How Chris Christie Did His Homework." It's already hovering around the web site's Most Emailed list, and it's, um, still Thursday.

Some highlights:

  • Regarding the endless questions about whether he's running for president, Christie said he is more "astonished" than exhausted by it. “Listen, if you’re going to say you’re exhausted by that, you’re really taking yourself too seriously.”
  • Christie says he never thought he would beat Corzine.
  • The writer, Matt Bai, attributes Christie's success to having found his "ideal adversary" in public sector unions representing teachers, cops and firefighters. "It may just be that Chris Christie has stumbled onto the public policy issue of our time."
  • State Senate President Stephen Sweeney, on Christie: “The difference between he and I is, I have an off switch and he doesn’t. You know, if I knock you down, I’ll pick you up, brush the dirt off your back, try to build a relationship and go forward. He knocks you down, like with the teachers, and he’ll stomp on you, kick on you until he can kill you.”

It's also worth noting that the gov will be on "Face the Nation" on CBS this Sunday, and the Associated Press is reportedly rolling out a major profile for Sunday.