Christie press conference round-up: Vetoing Dems' bills, supporting Wisc. gov, and still not running for prez

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Gov. Christie waving his vetoes in the air, with Lt. Gov. Guadagno behind him. (Photo by Matt Katz)

Gov. Christie announced at an afternoon press conference that he was killing 14 bills intended to create jobs and stimulate the economy. The bills, sent to him by the Democrats in the Legislature (with some Republican support), offered tax cuts and tax breaks. Christie said the proposed tax cuts did not come with spending cuts, and even though he supported some of the measures he would do nothing "piecemeal" on fiscal issues before his big budget address on Tuesday.

The Democrats responded immediately and angrily, and threatened to override the vetoes. More on all of this in the Inky and on tomorrow.

In the mean time, have you been following what's going in Wisconson? The gov has. Check out what's happening here. The new Republican governor, Scott Walker, wants to slash collective bargaining rights for state workers, and in order to block a vote on the bill Democratic legislators have disappeared. Now, Republicans are trying to send state troopers after them. It's all a statehouse reporter's dream.

Without getting into specifics about Gov. Walker's plan - and without saying whether he was concerned similar chaos could reach Trenton over his plans to cut public sector benefits, Christie offered this: "I support Gov. Walker's strong actions to balance his budget."

And finally, in fielding a question that has become a Chris Christie Press Conference Tradition, the governor is still not running for president.