Christie gets massive national media bump

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A TV was set up at AEI to accommodate the crowd for Christie's speech. (Matt Katz)

The governor is in Florida today, delivering a keynote address at a business meeting and no doubt basking in the warm after-glow of a day of enormous national media coverage.

I was in Washington with Christie yesterday for his speech to the conservative American Enterprise Institute. He insisted, once again, that he is not running for president. Click here for my full story.

It turns many of the hundreds of other people squeezed into the room for the gov's speech were fellow journalists. I spotted Eleanor Clift of "The McLaughlin Group" and a bevy of scribblers from the conservative media. Politico has declared that Christie's time is "now," while Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank offered a nearly 10-minute analysis on MSNBC last night about what he heard from Christie. Milbank's column ("Chris Christie isn't pretty, and he tells ugly truths") was one of two stories in the Post about the speech, while The New York Times sent their own political reporter to cover it. Fox News aired clips while declaring on its web site: "Christie Roars Into DC...Delivers Broadside Against Obama."

But the most jaw-dropping headline came from New York magazine, which quoted the gov saying he would have to commit suicide in order to convince people he's not running for Obama's job. The mag summed that up this way:  "Chris Christie Getting Closer and Closer to Killing Himself."

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