What a difference a year makes

Hello everyone. Since I last posted, a few interesting thing have happened. I got blue and pink hair extensions for a fund-raiser at school. Our principal, Mrs. Wisk, is an over-the-top Giants fan so there is a lot of blue and red around our school these days. Also, it’s been about one year since I was diagnosed with cancer. Last, but not least, I have a nasty cold.

The hair extension fund-raiser was to benefit the Mother Teresa Regional School and to celebrate the Giants winning the Super Bowl (sorry, Eagles fans). Before the Super Bowl, the school had a dress-down day where we were only allowed to wear Giants-related stuff, or the colors red, white, or blue. In my opinion, the Super Bowl was an awesome game between two great teams. I realize that there aren’t a lot of Giants fans in Philadelphia but cut me a little slack on this one … . I live really close to New York.

February 4th was the one-year anniversary since I was diagnosed with cancer. What a difference a year makes. Right after being diagnosed, we (my parents and I) weren’t sure how this was all going to turn out. I don’t think Dr. Dormans was sure that my leg could be saved at that point. My oncologist, Dr. Balamuth, and her team did a great job of shrinking my tumor so Dr. Dormans could work his magic. He saved my leg and the team at CHOP saved my life. Today I’m cancer free, back in school, back with my swim team and back to being a 12-year-old girl. It is hard to believe this nightmare started that long ago. It feels like time flies by so fast when you are surrounded by friends and family.

I also wanted to mention that now everyone can check out my page on Facebook. Go up to the search box on Facebook and type in “onco girl.” If you see my cartoon character, you are in the right place. Don’t forget to “Like” my page.

To wrap everything up, now I have this cold. I have no idea how I got it. Six months ago I would have blamed this on having a challenged immune system from the chemotherapy, but I just had a full set of blood work done and my counts are rocking. I can’t blame this one on cancer or the treatment. This one is just from being a normal kid hanging out with my friends and not washing my hands enough (a lesson learned).

It's good to just be a normal kid again.

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