Waiting is excruciating

10:34 am

Hello, my name is Kurt Kovach. I’m Rachel’s father. Rachel is undergoing her limb salvage surgery as I type this from the surgical waiting room. Kissing her on her beautiful head and telling her we would see her in a few hours a short time ago was one of the toughest things Mari and I have ever done. We know that Dr. Dormans is the best surgeon in the world to perform this procedure and we are blessed to have him working on our Rachel.  It's still very hard to watch your child get wheeled off to surgery, in tears because she is afraid, by people that you met only moments before.

We just got a "thumbs up" update from the surgical nurse that makes the rounds every hour updating families in the waiting room at CHOP.  The waiting is excruciating.  Every time the door to the waiting room opens, we hope it’s the nurse with news on how Rachel is doing.  We knew going into this surgery that it would take five or six hours but that doesn’t  stop us from starving for information. 

More news after Rachel comes out of surgery.

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