Things are going swimmingly

This past weekend was great! I spent hours in the pool on Saturday and Sunday and it felt sooooooo good to do a little swimming.

I was on the Monmouth Barracudas swimming team getting ready for the New Jersey State Championships when I was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. I remember my first meeting with Dr. Dormans when he told me that I had to get a biopsy and might have cancer. He said that I may have been in my last swim meet. I was crushed. Now that I’ve had my surgery and am getting back on my feet and in the pool, I keep working Dr. Dormans over every time I see him. He is starting to come around a little about swimming, but he doesn’t want me doing the breast stroke because he’s afraid it might dislocate my shiny new cobalt chrome hip.

I have news: I don’t want to dislocate my hip, either, so no more breast stroke. I hope to get in the pool with my team this fall if Dr. Dormans says it’s ok. I’m working hard in physical therapy to get as strong as I can. Hopefully, if I get strong enough and do well with the team, I can compete again.

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