Second to last round of chemo!

Rachel Kovacs enjoys ice cream at the Reading Terminal Market on the day before her second-to-last round of chemotherapy.

Today I’m at CHOP for my second-to-last round of chemo. This is a one-day round so I’m in the day hospital. This is pretty different from an in-patient stay because we come in early in the morning and go home the same day. I like this because I don’t have to stay in the hospital overnight.

We do have to be here pretty early so I stayed in a hotel with my parents last night in Philadelphia so we didn’t have to drive the two hours from Sandy Hook in the wee hours of the morning. Actually, we spent the whole weekend in Philadelphia to celebrate my Dad’s birthday, as well as be close to CHOP for today.

We went out to dinner Saturday night and to the Reading Terminal Market on Sunday. I can’t really get into a normal taxi because my hip doesn’t bend that well yet after my surgery. The taxis here in Philadelphia have sort of a wall thing behind the front seat and the back seats don’t really have enough leg room for me (at least until my new hip is a little more flexible). We stayed at the Four Seasons and the people there were so nice to us. They let me ride in their (very nice) car to dinner and to the Reading Terminal. I want to send out a special thank you to the people at the hotel for helping to get me around Philadelphia.

My dad has been telling me and my Mom about the Reading Terminal ever since we started treatment at CHOP in February. I wasn’t sure about all the walking, but once we got there, wow, what a great place. I had some great macaroni and cheese and then I got some pumpkin ice cream (yeah). I’ll be going back there!

This morning Dr. Balamuth (my oncologist) came to see me before my treatment. She brought the results of my blood work this morning. I was actually scheduled to come in last Friday, but the last round of chemo kind of kicked my butt and Dr. Balamuth thought I would have a better chance of having blood counts in the safe range if I waited until today. She was right. My counts were great this morning to start treatment, so away we go. I hope I bounce back in time to start my next (THE LAST) round on August 26. That will be a five day inpatient round, but it will be sweet because that will be the end of chemo!

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