Rachel's right leg is healing well

rachel and dr. dormans at follow-up visit
Rachel and her surgeon, John Dormans, have good reason to smile about her progress

Rachel returned to the orthopedic clinic for her first post-operative visit today. Her surgical wounds are healing well, and her x-rays confirmed excellent appearance and placement of the endoprosthesis. She is neurovascularly intact, and her legs are equal in length.

 The abduction brace that has kept her right hip immobilized has been modified with the removal of the lower portion today. As Rachel gets stronger, she will participate in physical therapy to allow her to go up and down stairs safely using crutches. Our ultimate goal is to help Rachel improve range of motion in her affected leg to allow her to function independently. Her uncomplicated recovery so far leads me to believe that she will continue to improve.

Best news: the margins of the removed tissue were free of tumor. Chemotherapy destroyed 90% of the tumor tissue prior to Rachel’s surgery.

I am extremely happy to report that Rachel’s energy levels and optimism are both high; her positivity and laughter remains infectious. She has maintained a great attitude throughout the course of her treatment. Rachel and her family are always a pleasure to see.

She will return to the orthopedic clinic in four weeks for another follow-up.



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