Living within my new normal

I’m starting to realize what my new normal is after going through treatment and having my surgery.

Having a prosthetic femur has its limits and they are the kind of limits that get in the way of being 12.


A few days ago, I was at a party with a bunch of my friends. There was a trampoline in the yard and my friends just couldn’t help themselves from jumping on it and having a great time. I don’t blame them. if I could have been in there with them I would have.

But my new normal with a prosthetic femur gets in the way. I’m pretty sure that jumping on a trampoline is one of those things that Dr. Dormans wants me to stay away from. That left me sort of sitting on the sidelines at the party. Eventually my friends came off of the trampoline and we hung out, but before long, they were back on the trampoline.

I know that my friends don’t intentionally leave me behind; they’re just doing what 12- and 13-year-old kids do. They’re playing.

To be honest, I knew that things would be different after my surgery and that there were things that I couldn’t do. I guess now the reality is sinking in. I know that all things considered, I’m lucky to be alive and to have the life that I have. I get to do most things and I can even compete with my swim team, which is more than many kids my age get to do.

But I do miss being just a normal kid.

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