I can really walk!

I can walk!

I am at CHOP for a five day round of chemo that ends late Monday. Dr. Balamuth arranged for me to start this round early (I usually start on Friday) because I had an appointment to see Dr. Dormans on Thursday so he could check on my progress to see if I could get part of this brace off.

My visit with Dr. Dormans was GREAT! He had me take my brace off and I got my examination with my brace completely off for the first time. It was such a relief to have that thing off. He looked at my incision and was really happy with how well it has healed. Most of the steri-strips had fallen off; there were only a dozen or so left. Dr. Dormans said that the rest of them were ready to come off (yeah!) and that I can shower and even get in the pool if I’m really careful (yeah!). Dr. Dormans has a new fellow (a "fellow" is a doctor training in a specialty, not a guy), Camelia Mattos, working with him. She and another fellow, Juan Pretell, assisted Dr. Dormans with examining my incision, cleaning up the glue from the steri-strips and getting my new X-Rays.

Dr. Dormans checked out my leg and hip.  He checked how far I could lift it (easy peezy) and he checked to see if I had any pain if he turned my leg from side to side (nope).  He had me stand up to check if I had any pain (nope again) and had me sit without my brace on… all good.  He was happy to see how easy it was for me to take a few steps with my crutches and no brace.

So Dr. Dormans is letting me take off the brace (yeah!). He wants me to use it for about the next month if I go out somewhere where I have to walk a lot, or if someone might bump into me and make me fall - like at the movies or the mall. Right now, falling would be a really bad thing. He had the people who built my brace take the bar out and take off the piece that went on my left leg. If I need to wear it when I go out, it will only go down my right leg (yeah again!).

When I got to my room for this round of chemo, I got a chance to walk without my brace. It feels great, but I get real tired. It’s been a long time since I was up on my feet walking, so I need to build up my strength and endurance. Take a look at the video. I can walk like I used to!

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