Feeling good enough to go (online) to school

This morning I woke up and for the first time since my surgery, I had an appetite for some food. I had grapes and pancakes with some orange juice.

The last few days haven't been my best but today I feel like a million bucks. I felt well enough to Skype into my class at Mother Teresa Regional School in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. It is so fun to see my friends, and whenever I Skype into class, my friends are so happy to see that I'm doing OK. Today we leaned how to multiply and divide positive and negative numbers.

My pain hasn't been much of a problem up to now because of a numbing medicine pumped into my back through a line called an epidural. It made the area from my hips down numb so I wouldn't feel any pain at the site of my surgery. The epidural was taken out today, but so far, I've have had no pain today.

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