Physical therapy isn't (ouch) too bad

Now that the brace has finally been taken out of my life, I have started physical therapy to get me off of crutches and back on two wheels... Read more

I can really walk!

I can walk! I am at CHOP for a five day round of chemo that ends late Monday. Dr. Balamuth arranged for me to start this round early (I usually... Read more

Bar-Be Gone

Since my last blog posting, many things have happened. I have been having my math teacher, Ms. Isaksen, come over to my house to help me catch... Read more

Keeping up with schoolwork

One of the things that I want to talk about today is how hard it is to keep up with schoolwork. If you know anyone who is going through a similar... Read more

Sometimes it’s social, sometimes it’s work

Hello, my name is Renee Rawlins and I have the privilege of being the social worker who supports Rachel and her parents through this journey... Read more

Mighty Onco Girl, fighting cancer

Dad here. From the beginning of this whole process, Rachel shared with Mari and me that she wanted to help in some way to fight pediatric cancer... Read more

Learning how to walk the right way

I’ve been back at CHOP for round eight of chemotherapy. This is a round that takes five days in the hospital, so it can get really boring... Read more

These crutches were made for walking

Yesterday my parents took me to CHOP to meet with Dr. Dormans for a follow-up visit. It's been three weeks now since my surgery and Dr. Dormans... Read more