Getting Out in the World

I have been pretty busy since my last blog post. I am back at Mother Teresa Regional for school; I had to go back to CHOP for a blood and platelet... Read more

Turning a final corner

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September is Cancer Awareness Month and later this month, on Sept 25, I’m going to lead Team Onco Girl in the 2011 Four Seasons Parkway... Read more

I have a lot to be thankful for

This past Sunday at Mass I was thinking about finishing up my cancer treatment. I go in for my last round of chemotherapy this Friday and... Read more

Second to last round of chemo!

Today I’m at CHOP for my second-to-last round of chemo. This is a one-day round so I’m in the day hospital. This is pretty different... Read more

A school principal learns by joining Rachel's journey

Hello, my name is Melissa Whelan Wisk. I am Rachel’s principal at Mother Teresa Regional School. Her parents asked me to write a blog... Read more

Getting out and about

I have come to the conclusion that I'm pretty tired of being treated for cancer. I was getting a little depressed, didn't want to leave my... Read more

Things are going swimmingly

This past weekend was great! I spent hours in the pool on Saturday and Sunday and it felt sooooooo good to do a little swimming. I was on... Read more

Giving patients a Voice

Last Friday was a special day for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia -- and for me. People in the Philadelphia area probably already... Read more