Physical therapy isn't (ouch) too bad

Now that the brace has finally been taken out of my life, I have started physical therapy to get me off of crutches and back on two wheels. After the first two sessions, I discovered that I will be sore after PT -- but not as sore as I thought I would be. Also after only two sessions, I can use just one crutch to walk a short distance. If it isn’t a short way, I have to use two crutches.

Some more good news: I am one report away from being done with school for the year! I have just finished a 3-page report for language arts. Now, I just have a report for science and then I will be done with 6th grade. I still have to do what my school calls “summer choice,” which is when we have to pick a few projects or workbook pages to do over the summer. The goal is to get a total of 10 points; each of the assignments is worth up to three points.

In my last blog, I forgot to say thanks to Jenelle of Musicians On Call. I had just gotten to my hospital room on the first day of my last admission for chemotherapy when she came in and asked if she could sing me a song. What a voice she has! Jenelle is an opera singer and sang “My Dear One” in Italian to me. It was so soothing.


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