University buildings evacuated after West Chester gas leak

Five buildings on the West Chester University Campus were evacuated Tuesday after a minor gas leak on the campus, officials there said.
A contractor working in a trench on campus had hit a gas line Tuesday morning, university spokeswoman Pam Sheridan said, causing a small gas leak. Workers could smell gas leaking from the line, she said, and alerted the campus.
The incident occurred in "an open outdoor space" surrounded by several classroom buildings and dormitories, Sheridan said.
University officials sent out alerts via text message, the university website and a campus-wide PA system to warn anyone in the area to stay away from the area. Brandywine Hall, Allegheny Hall, Wayne Hall and Killinger Hall -- all dormitories -- and the Merion Science Facility were evacuated.
Students aren't on campus currently, Sheridan said, although the university is holding several summer camps. Students attending camp were not in the vicinity of the leak.
At around 1 p.m., PECO representatives had arrived to shut off the gas valve and stop the leak, Sheridan said, and the evacuated buildings were re-opened.
Sheridan said she wasn't sure what project the contractors had been working on.