County blogger fondly bids adieu

For nearly a year, I have had the privilege of using this space to share a wide range of county-specific news with fellow Chester Countians. With newsprint real-estate at a premium, more than 500 community fund-raisers, legislative initiatives, crime reports, and residents’ noteworthy endeavors found a home here when the paper could not accommodate them.

Not once did I struggle to find material; Chester County consistently offers a wealth of it — from the renowned chemist who’s still earning patents at age 96 to the couple who lost a daughter to inexperienced driving and became tireless advocates for teen driving safety to a group of mothers who filled a void in Willistown by turning an underused park into a vibrant playground. And it’s impossible to forget Gladys Flamer, a shining star in Coatesville who died earlier this year at the age of 105.

At the end of the week, I will be leaving the paper after 19 years. As I write this, I have no information that anyone else has been tapped to continue this blog; I hope that changes. It has been a pleasure to serve as an information conduit in Chester County, an unparalleled place of spectacular scenic vistas and indomitable community spirit. I greatly valued your support — and that includes the readers who disparaged me as well as Marissa, the pet goat featured in the photo. Even the surly remarks had value as engagement, calling to mind a quote by author Bryant H. McGill that amplifies Chester County’s agricultural heritage: “Where wise actions are the fruit of life, wise discourse is the pollination.” A million thanks, readers. My new email address is; please feel free to contact me.

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