Red-light district to benefit county

More than $350,000 in Automated Red Light Enforcement funding will be distributed to two municipalities in PennDot’s District 6, one of which is in Chester County, the agency announced today.

Municipalities submitted more than 300 applications, hoping to get a share of the $1.5 million allocation. Safety projects, which will include $146,030 to alleviate congestion on Business Route 30 and U.S. Route 322 in Caln Township and Downingtown Borough, were chosen under criteria including project benefits and effectiveness, cost, and local and regional impact.

Under the state law that established the Automated Red Light Enforcement, a program available only to first-class cities, fines from infractions are evenly divided between Philadelphia, the state’s only first-class city, and PennDot. Cameras are presently located at 19 intersections in Philadelphia, according to PennDot; vehicle sensors work in conjunction with a traffic-control signal, automatically producing one or more recorded images of violators.

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