Residents run afoul of insurance rules

During 2011, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department's Office of Market Regulation reported that it issued 141 orders and adjudications, collected more than $900,000 in penalties and fines and recovered $3.2 million in restitution for consumers statewide.

Action is taken after an investigation reveals violations of Pennsylvania statutes or regulations, or after the completion of a market-conduct examination. Enforcement actions conclude with the issuance of a consent order, a settlement agreement, or an order and adjudication.

Actions announced this week were taken against the following Chester County residents: John M. Balbirnie of Exton had his license revoked in May after failing to pay state income tax since 2005, failing to remit funds owed to Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, and pleading guilty to several felony charges in 2010. Stephen B. Didonato of Berwyn received a five-year license supervision in November for failing to report a misdemeanor charge on his license renewal, and signing an application for insurance without the consent or knowledge of the policyholder. David Schneider Jones of West Chester received a three-year license supervision in May because he was convicted of two felonies in 2006, both of which were disclosed on his producer license application. Tanya Y. Lomax of West Chester received indefinite supervision of her license in June for prior felony convictions. Todd T. Rader of West Chester was issued a five-year license supervision in September for failing to report a 2008 felony drug charge to the department. Steven A. Suib of Chester Springs was ordered in July to pay a $5,000 penalty for failing to disclose a prior arrest and two tax liens, and for creating a fictitious entity that was never registered with the department. His license will be supervised for five years.

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