The sky's not the limit, UFOlogists say

While many area residents were enjoying sunny skies, about 50 people holed up in the Tredyffrin Township library today pondering theories about visitors from well beyond those skies.
Main Line MUFON (Mutual U.F.O. Network), a local division of an international nonprofit dedicated to the study of unidentified flying objects, held a free, daylong conference at the library that featured five speakers.
Topics ranged from Sasquatch and Big Foot to “Credible & Convincing Evidence for the Existence of UFOs.” Some participants worn MUFON t-shirts that said: Others talk, we investigate.
One of the presenters, Denis Denocla, said he traveled from France to discuss his research on the UMO people, a civilization — likely from the Milky Way, he says — that sent letters decades ago to scientists around the world.
Denocla, the author of the book, "Presence: UFO's, Crop Circles and Exocivilizations," said the return addresses on the envelopes were those of other Earth-based scientists, who claimed they never sent them.
Even more curious: The letters contained information that was well ahead of its time, such as the formation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and stem cell research, he said.
“I’ll let you have your own opinion of those letters,” Denocla said.
For anyone clamoring for further discussion about the unfathomable, Main Line MUFON holds monthly events; for more information, visit

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