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POSTED: Friday, April 12, 2013, 10:35 AM
The Goo Goo Dolls

It looks like the center of the region’s casino entertainment universe has shifted about 120 miles to the northeast.

For the past decade, no gambling den has made a bigger investment in show business, or brought in more big-time acts, then Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. But now, Sands Bethlehem is giving the Big B a run for its money.

“Last year, we did 55 shows in six months. This year we’ll probably do upwards of 100-120,” bragged Sands President and CEO Bob DeSalvio during the intermission of last Sunday’s sold-out concert by progressive-rock titans, Yes.

POSTED: Friday, April 5, 2013, 10:06 AM
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Atlantic city's biggest challenge may be finding ways to replace gaming revenue from senior citizens who are forsaking the town's casinos for more conveniently located gaming destinations. Photo:

Atlantic City and its gambling industry need more bad news like the Phillies’ Ryan Howard needs to increase his strikeout totals. But it nonetheless received more in the form of a recent numbers-crunching study by the South Jersey Transportation Authority.

According to the SJTA, the amount of buses bringing out-of-towners to its 12 casinos has significantly declined for 24 consecutive months. As the Press of Atlantic City noted, in February, 140,000 people arrived on chartered buses, a 30 percent decline over February, 2012 and a nearly 50 percent drop from February, 2011. And therein lays the town’s biggest problem.

 It’s no secret the existence of five full-service casinos in Southeastern Pennsylvania and a couple mega-slot parlors in New York City has been devastating to AyCee’s gaming halls. But the heart of the matter is explained by the SJTA report.

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