Trump Marina going wet 'n' wild?

Happy New Year!
Let's kick off '09 with some hot gossip buzzing its way around Atlantic City's Marina District.
As you may know, May 28 is now the target date for New York-based Coastal Development LLC to close on its purchase of Trump Marina. As has been widely reported, the company plans, to transform the rather drab property into a hot spot bearing Jimmy Buffett's ever-more-ubiquitous Margaritaville imprint.
Well, we hear the master plan calls for a major water-park to be erected on the roof of the casino area. If that is true, it is a brilliant concept, as it will not only fit perfectly with the Margaritaville brand's fun-in-the-sun blueprint, but also give AyCee another big-time tourist attraction.
Word is that a new hotel tower, built on top of the existing parking garage, is also being considered.
THE 'HELL' YOU SAY: And in case holiday activities had you otherwise engaged, the new season of FOX TV's reality show, "Hell's Kitchen"--29 is awarding a pretty cool grand prize to the chef who can survive star Gordon Ramsay's over-the-top abuse: His or her own eatery at Borgata.
Incidentally, the season finale was taped last winter at the Big B. Of course, the results are more closely guarded than the nation's nuclear codes.