'Madhouse' combines disco and decadence

A bit of Vegas-style decadence came to the Boardwalk Saturday night as "Beacher's Madhouse" made its Atlantic City debut at Trump Taj Mahal.

Presided over by comic Jeff Beacher (who is definitely not the hardest-working man in show business), the "Madhouse" proved to be part "rave," part Fellini set piece, part Weimar Republic cabaret, part middle-school male fantasy and part Halloween party--a high energy, low-taste affair that sure looked like a lot of fun for the mostly twentysomething crowd that indulged in the Bacchanal staged in the Taj's Xanadu room.

As an onstage DJ spun house and hard rock tracks, the pimped-out crowd--many of the women came dresssed for a Penthouse magazine photo shoot--danced and took in the scene that was populated by little people dressed as Oompa-Loompas from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and Lollipop Guild types from "The Wizrd of Oz," and other, normal-height cast members in bunny rabbit and other animal costumes.

One scantily clad female dancer busted a move from inside a steel cage suspended over the floor.

While there were performers involved, it was the crowd that was the main attraction, as revelers participated in various contests and even took it upon themselves to provide some diversion for the others (the omnipresent video crew on more than one occasion captured two young women passionately kissing).Now that's entertainment!

As cast member Dan the Song Parody Man (from "The Howard Stern Show") put it so succinctly: "You don't come to see the show, you come to be the show!"

As for the guy whose name is on this Dionysian dance party, he is more the ringmaster than a performer. Or maybe a mad scientist would be a better analogy: He threw a bunch crazy, R-rated thoughts into a bowl and out came scads of money. 

"Beacher's Madhouse" certainly isn't for everybody (folks who believe in things like piety and decorum have been warned). But it sure seemed like those who attended had a great time. Beacher should make every effort to ensure his traveling orgy makes AyCee a regular stop.