Frankly speaking, it was fun

There's a reason Frank Caliendo has emerged during the past few years as the top non-singing impressionist working today. He is not only a gifted vocal caricturist, but a superb entertainer as well.

Saturday night at Borgata, the cherubic Midwesterner displayed an effective, if decidedly loopy, persona that was as ingratiating as it was mirthful. He drew as many laughs with normal-voiced ad-libs (aimed mostly at an overly-enthusiastic--and apparently inebriated--audience member) as he did with spot-on impressions of enough celebrated individuals to fill a copy of US magazine. And he presented both the scripted and off-the-cuff material in a warm, engaging manner that made it a pleasure to hear what he had to say.

What he said was generally funny. How he said it was always funny: Among the voices he nailed were those of George Bush, Bill Clinton, John Madden, William Shatner, Al Pacino and, especially Charles Barkley, whom he referenced throughout the set, always using the words "tur'ble" (Barkley-ese for "terrible") and "knucklehead," the use of which grew exponentially hilarious as the set progressed.

In all, a first-rate set from a performer whose career has yet to peak.