Golden boy Phelps headed to Harrah's

Blog Image 373414 - Darrow
Next month, Olympic swimming titan Michael Phelps will pick up a paycheck at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City

We don’t usually give a flying fig about the endless parade of “celebrities” who use casinos as ATMs by pocketing insane amounts of cash for appearing at gaming hall discos. But it is worth noting a forthcoming appearance by a genuine hero.

Swimming god Michael Phelps, who recently set the Olympic record for most gold medals (19) is booked for an appearance Sept. 22 at the Pool at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City.

He’s scheduled to show up around 10 p.m., but history (tradition?) suggests you’ll probably wind up waiting a while for Phelps to arrive. And it’ll cost you $20 to tweet to the universe that you’re in the same room as the superstar swimmer.

Of course, by the time he makes it to Harrah’s, he may only have 13 gold medals: Sunday, news broke that Phelps’ six-necklace haul in London might be invalidated because of possible violations of International Olympic Committee rules governing athletes’ involvement in non-Olympics marketing campaigns. Phelps recently appeared in an ad for snob-appeal luggage manufacturer, Louis Vuitton.